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There’s a growing need for sustainable development that leads to long term impact. We are working towards a holistic solution that empowers local people to operate out of their gifting and skill sets. We aim to equip local people providing training, facilities and resources to people that have the heart to grow. The dream is to empower the local community working alongside global partners for a progressive solution that is built to last.

Christina and I (Scott) have been involved with ministry development in Cambodia & Thailand focusing on Business as Missions opportunities through services & hospitality ministry working with young adults looking for opportunities outside of hard situations the youth transitioning out of children’s homes.

We are creating sustainability measures leading to perpetual revenue support for programs.
We are training those in transition - building better bridges between them and the real world.
We hope to raise funds to continue building opportunities and environments for growth.

Thank you always kindly supporting and we appreciate your amazing generosity and continual partnership!

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About SE Asia Project

Starting out working with self-help groups bringing together leaders from rural villages in South Africa who worked to tackle the biggest community issues, there was a realization that the key to developing innovative ministry solutions and breaking the cycle of poverty was through sustainable development.

Since then, travelling around the world continually posed the same questions of how we can progressively minister better and make it last. Although there is not an all inclusive solution that will be the answer to the major questions in our ministry circles, our hope is to take a step forward with key partnerships where bridges are made and people from all backgrounds, perspectives and agendas are working together towards a better development future.

Living out the life vision of "making a way for those that don't have a way," there's a move to empower local people to train, equip with skill sets and mobilize in their native countries and to the rest of the world.

Current projects include business as missions through hospitality, business and services along with foundation support. We have started a guesthouse in Cambodia and working towards hospitality and cafe projects in Thailand.  Future expansion efforts are projected to extend reach to various parts of SE & East Asia.

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