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About This Fundraiser

Please help your beloved Women’s Hope Center construct its new Crisis Pregnancy Counseling Center.

We are moving from an office at the parking lot on the first floor to the fourth floor of the Far East Broadcast Company(FEBC) building in downtown Pohang. Our landlords at FEBC blessed us with a huge, empty space! We need your help to turn it into a state-of-the-art counseling and resource center.

Women’s Hope Center helps at-risk women through our counseling center addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We also operate two Houses of Hope which provide long-term community, housing, and opportunities to acquire education and job training for women in need. Many women who come to us have faced issues of sex trafficking, domestic abuse, and abandonment. We are also one of the few organizations with the capacity to help foreigners living in Korea, and perhaps the only org in Korea with a focus on post-abortion counseling and care.

One woman, one baby at a time, WHC is working to see every life valued from conception and every exploited woman in Korea free, healed and empowered.

Construction of the new CPC is a big step in that direction. Until recently WHC was run by volunteers, many of them part-time housewives. Now we have four paid staff positions! Our office space has to grow to fit our new needs and professional capabilities.

Our new CPC will include a Crisis Pregnancy Counseling center with a private entrance, space for our Tree of Hope social enterprise store, staff and volunteer offices, and a place to host guests and provide education and training opportunities.

We estimate the construction and other costs for the new CPC at $10,000 with ₩20,000,000.

If you need tax receipt for the donation in Korea, please contact our VP, Jun Oh through

Thanks for helping us reach our goal.

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About Women's Hope Center


Our mission is to see every life valued from conception and every exploited woman in Korea free, healed and empowered.

Thus, we seek to provide:

  1) Crisis counseling, addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual needs
  2) Long-term community, housing, and opportunities to acquire education and job training
  3) Safe and dignified alternative employment through our developing social enterprise

Located in South Korea, Women’s Hope Center (WHC) is a registered non-profit organization that is wholly dependent on the faithful partnership of donors like you.

We seek to reach women at the moment when they first find out they are pregnant and have no one to turn to for help. Most of these young women reach us via our online chat at (Korean client outreach), making our reach national. We pick them up from motels or from bus stations. Others are referred to us by NGOs, government-run shelters (e.g. Pohang Family Center) and local churches (e.g.Jusarang Church, "Baby Box").

We run a crisis pregnancy center (the first of its kind in this nation) and "safe homes" (apartments in a community) known collectively as the "HOUSE OF HOPE."

Our clients include women escaping the sex industry (pregnant or not), teen runaways including those who are running away from family trying to force an abortion, aged-out orphans who have been surviving on their own by selling their bodies and young unwed mothers. We do not discriminate between unwed, married and divorced women. We do not discriminate between nationals and foreign nationals (e.g. sex-trafficked, bartered brides). The average age of our clients is 19 years old.

Your partnership in this essential, life-saving and life-transforming ministry is deeply appreciated. Thank you so much.

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