Sunny's Way to 2023 Footstool MCR!

Fundraiser by Ryan Smith

This fundraiser supports Grace Reformed Evangelical Ministries

$1,825 remaining
$175 raised
9% of $2,000 goal

About This Fundraiser

Sunny and his wife have been working so diligently and faithfully through extremely challenging times in these last few years! We would love for them to come to Korea for our annual Member Care Retreat, which is set for January 4-7, 2023! This is an all-expenses paid trip once Sunny gets to Korea, but he is in NEED for flight tickets and costs to apply for his visa.

Would you please rally with us and SUPPORT SUNNY TODAY so that he would get the rest and care that he needs and deserves?!

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About Grace Reformed Evangelical Ministries

In 2018, Grace Reformed Evangelical Ministries (GREM) was founded by Pastor Sunny Thang to teach, preach and spread the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ to every nation so that those who hear about the Grace will be transformed by it and grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Due to the poverty in the country, many Christian children in remote places have been sent to a Buddhist Monastery for schooling or training.
In response to this, Grace Reformed Evangelical Ministries exists to establish:
        1. Education ministry for poor children and young people, especially in remote places
        2. Connect the children to the Local Church
        3. Encourage the youth to receive Bible Training Center or Bible School
Educational Ministry: We provide this to help and look after poor children, young people and youth in orphanages to meet their physical, educational and spiritual needs and expose them to gospel so that they don't turn to Buddhist Monastery for schooling or training.
Moreover, GREM has been established so that other young people and the next generation will no longer be sent to Buddhist Monastery even for the purpose of education, but sent them to GREM for Christ!
Local Church: This is based on the students who are within our educational ministry. We preach and take the gospel to the villagers nearby.
Bible School: Our future hope is to train and equip young adults to serve within the body of Christ and to witness in country for Christ to those that don't know Him.

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