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Apprenticeship Fund

Donations to this fund are divided up among our apprentices and interns. We use the money to fund our ongoing work in leadership development. If you prefer to direct support to a specific individual, please select their name below. Please feel free to contact us with questions.

Yu Eguchi

Yu-san is a graduate of Christ Bible Seminary and full-time apprentice at ANF.

Hide Kawai

Hide-san is a graduate of Christ Bible Seminary and full-time apprentice at ANF.

Akiko Kato

Akiko-san is a graduate of Christ Bible seminary and a part-time intern at ANF.

Nozomu Goto Kawakami

Nozomu-san is a church planter in Toyama that ANF supports and partners with Nozomu-san and his wife as they are planting a new church in this unreached city.

About This Project

All Nations Fellowship (ANF) is a multilingual, multisite, Gospel-centered Christian church dedicated to serving the Greater Nagoya area for the blessing of Japan and all nations.

Our Vision

We long to see a movement of God's Spirit that transforms Nagoya, Japan, and all nations for the glory of Christ.

Our Mission

To make disciples, equip leaders, and plant churches throughout Nagoya by proclaiming, teaching, and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Core Values

1) Gospel-centered - ANF believes that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of God for the salvation of all people. The Gospel is how Christians are born, and the Gospel is how Christians grow. We believe that all of our teaching and practice should be based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ found in the Bible.

2) Church Planting – ANF is committed to planting new churches throughout our region. We intentionally meet in multiple sites around the city, and our events are translated into multiple languages to serve the members of our communities.

3) The Nations – Although our local focus is on church planting in the greater Nagoya area, ANF wants to be a blessing beyond our own city. We look for ways to proclaim the Gospel in other parts of Japan and the world for the glory of Christ.


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